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Healthy Healing Chiropractic

Dr. Glennia Chitwood is a fine and gentle chiropractor.


A non-invasive biofeedback therapy that consistently helps people reduce stress and heal.

Jeff Carmichael 314-960-3607
Kathleen Flynn 314-707-8124
Web address coming soon.

Additional Resources

The American Academy of Ozonotherapy

Learn about the benefits of various ozone therapies.

Orthomolecular Healthcare

Learn about the healing powers of vitamins and minerals.

OrthoMolecular Supplements

Login to learn about OrthoMolecular products and make purchases. Contact us for a registration code and guidance finding the right supplements to support your journey to health.

Oxygen Healing Therapies

Professionals and non-professionals alike will find this site to be an invaluable source of information for everything regarding ozone and oxygen.

Parkinson’s Disease Management

Utilizing nutrition to alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms – the groundbreaking work of Dr. Marty Hinz.

Medical Thermography

An alternative to mammography.

Riordan Clinic

The Wichita, Kansas based nonprofit that is in the forefront of IV Vitamin C research.

St. Louis Institute of Integrative Medicine

SLiiM is a society of physicians who are solely concerned with prevention, wellness and finding the root cause for patient disease states.