Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a gentle healing technique developed in the 1940s in Germany by Doctors Walter and Ferdinand Huneke, which involves the injection of a local anesthetic into peripheral nerves, scars, acupuncture points and/or trigger points. They theorized that the scar (visible or not visible) from an old injury can cause the initial pain signals to endlessly repeat themselves. When an anesthetic turns off the pain signals of the nerve(s), then upon awakening, the patient’s pain is greatly reduced.

Neural therapy treats almost any type of chronic pain: joint and muscle pain, low back or neck, diffuse pain in the abdomen or pelvic floor. Our practitioners have seen excellent results resolving chronic pain from both injury and surgery.

During a neural therapy treatment, an injection of the local anesthetic, procaine, is made just under the skin of the scar with a very fine needle. The site of the injection is chosen based on the patient’s symptoms. The anesthetic briefly “turns off” pain receptors and pain signals thereby allowing the body to rewire how it communicates information in the affected area back to the brain, this restores the cells’ ability to heal. In some cases, a series of injections may be utilized to cover a widespread area of pain. We have seen success anywhere from 2-4 injections spaced one week apart.

In addition to neural therapy, our practitioners may also recommend Prolozone Injections, IV therapy or anti-inflammatory supplements to support the healing process and boost the long-lasting effects of the treatment.

We look forward to discussing this gentle healing modality with you.